Filling up the gaps

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”

Today is already the seventeenth day of January 2015. It may be too late to write about this theme at this time as a response to the daily challenge: “Ice, Water and Steam” but I think what I am putting down here is mostly an expression of gratitude because my life is actually changing. I am absolutely thankful to the fact that I have taken the whole 2014 as the year for my family. It was the year that enable me to start filling up the gaps that were widening between me and my family, wife and our three children. Since the last 11 years or so I spent most of my time outside our home with so many other people due mostly to the fact that I was elected and appointed to run the top job in an academic institution. I think according to many people, I was probably very useful for them and anyone who have ┬ádirectly or indirectly implicated to my role and functions in that position. Many thousands of people are enjoying the benefits of me being on the top job; people said. It is an uplifting feeling to know and to hear people talking about it. Yet down in the very bottom of my heart there is something missing there; I acknowledge it to be a gap that need filling immediately. Stepping down from the top job to at present being a normal professional teaching staff within the same institution I formerly led is probably very hard for some but it was not for me because I had this strength of realising that I must effectively use this time available to me to recharge my affection and love to my family that I have left so little time with them for togetherness and to feel the warmth of being a family. An improved income as a consequence of being on the top job proved to have little effect on our family life until I started the year 2014 with closer look into my inner self and start paying more attention to what my family really expect from me as the husband, the father of my children and the head of the family.

The ice of selfishness has broken, the water of love is flowing down to my heart and now shared through my family and is filling up the gaps in our hearts previously so icy cold due to lack up togetherness and we are now steaming up with the spirit of living as a real family. I sincerely hope, that this will continue for a long time